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The Sweetest Deal You Can Get on Black Friday

Black Friday is infamous for being the busiest shopping day of the year.  Some wake up in the early morning hours on a pilgrimage to malls and shopping centers where they wade through throngs of deal-hungry masses and drastically discounted wares.  It’s a holiday that has never sat well with me, particularly from my background in the retail and service industries. I hated how … Read More The Sweetest Deal You Can Get on Black Friday


An Eggs-ercise in Patience

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!  OUR QUAIL ARE LAYING EGGS! The last two and a half months with our little avian friends have presented us with many troubles and triumphs, but nothing is more satisfying after so many difficulties than picking up these tiny butt nuggets like an Easter egg hunt!  We would get only one or two eggs a day in the beginning, but now … Read More An Eggs-ercise in Patience


Humble Beginnings

For my husband and I, it was always at the forefront of our minds to one day own our own home and start a farm.  In 2015 I inherited a half acre plot of land behind my parent’s home which included a barn that was constructed to house the various livestock of my childhood 4-H and FFA years.  As monumentous as this acquisition felt, … Read More Humble Beginnings