In the spirit of transparency, let me begin by stating that I am not a nutritionist and I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.  In this article, I will simply explain the supplements I prefer to use and the thought process behind them. Through trial and error, I have found what works specifically for me and my experiences should not be considered the standard for anyone else.  “Supplement” does not mean “substitution” for proper diet and exercise. Please consult an actual expert if you are considering a supplement routine.


My Top 10 Favorite Supplements:

#10:  Iso-Amino Pure Isolated BCAA ($28.99 at
I think it’s important for every athlete to have a quality amino acid supplement in their gym bag.  I look forward to one scoop of this fruit punch flavored goodness in my water bottle after I finish my workouts.  The purpose of this supplement is to repair and promote growth in muscle tissue. Not only does it taste great, but it feels great too!

#9:  Up Speed ($49.99 at
Up Speed is a great pre-workout and gives me a quick, yet long lasting boost of energy that I need to knock out an intense training session.  I appreciate the fat burning element of this product as well, which is always what I’m after when I’m trying to make weight for an upcoming tournament.  This supplement is perfect for those morning workouts due to its long lasting effects. You’ll feel like you can take on anyone and anything for the rest of the day.

#8:  Magnesium (Nature Made, $4.99 at
When cardio becomes essential to my training, I need this for proper heart, nerve, and muscle function.  You have to take care of those vital organs and tissues.

#7:  Mullein ($20.65 at
I LOVE mullein and rave about it often to anyone who suffers from frequent upper respiratory infections.  I take two capsules twice a day whenever I feel discomfort in my ears, throat, or sinuses, and it knocks out my symptoms in only a day or two.  This is the only supplement on my list I would consider a “miracle worker” (And others seem to think so too. During allergy season it flies off the shelves at my local natural wellness center and I have to be put on a waiting list for the next shipment.  Absolutely worth it.).

#6:  Quick Shred 100 ($49.99 at
This is my all-time favorite supplement that I use as a pre-workout.  It serves a dual purpose: giving you an insane amount of energy while also acting as a fat burner.  It’s the best of both worlds. It actually does what it claims and I just can’t say enough good things about this product.  My only regret in life is not having this at home in my medicine cabinet right now!

#5:  Shroom Tech Sport ($23.29 at
This is what I take when I’m in the gym for long intervals.  It’s perfect for my cardio and weight lifting regimens in that it helps to build my stamina through improved oxygen utilization.  If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be superhuman, I suggest giving this a try.

#4:  Alpha Brain ($34.95 at
I would bet big money that this is what Bradley Cooper shoved down his throat in the 2011 movie “Limitless.”  I like using a natural supplement called Ginkgo biloba as a cheaper alternative for improved memory and focus, but this takes your brain to the next level.  The best way I can describe it is that you’re living your life in a fog. When you take a focus enhancer, like Ginkgo biloba extract, you become aware of that figurative fog.  When you take Alpha Brain, you step out of that fog and everything around you becomes sharper. You act faster and more clearly. You’re you, just better; a well-oiled machine.

#3:  New Mood ($29.95 at
Now I know that this supplement is widely used as a mood enhancer and stress-reliever, but I like to use it to help get a restful night’s sleep.  I was recently in an automobile accident and since then, try as I might, I just can’t fall asleep because my mind is completely wrapped around that event and the well-being of myself, my husband, and my friends who were also involved.  I worry about so much and as a result I can’t fall asleep on my own without some help. New Mood calms me enough to get some rest when I otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

#2:  Thyroid Support ($29.99 at
My metabolism can sometimes slow to a snail’s pace crawl and in those instances I need a little help getting it back on track.  I take this supplement as a natural way to support my thyroid for a more consistent metabolism. When I’m focused on losing weight for a tournament, this supplement is crucial to helping me achieve my goal on time.

#1:  Women’s Multivitamin (Equate, $3.98 at
In my opinion, if you’re not taking a multivitamin, you can just throw all those other supplements in the trash.  Multivitamins assist in getting all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to run efficiently. If your body is not taking in and absorbing what it needs, then there is no way any of those other supplements will be effective.  I take a women’s once a day multivitamin, because… well, I am a woman, but obviously you should choose one that accommodates your needs.


I have not been contacted by any of the mentioned brands and am not receiving compensation for my opinions.

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